History 1910-2017

25. October 1910

Friedrich and Eva Meyer open the Villa Aurora, built in 1905, to guests for the first time. "Elegantly furnished guest rooms, electric lighting, cool and airy dining room, superb cuisine, tasty meals Prime location in the spa park".
(Original text from 1910)



Christa and Willi Mayer take over the hotel with 28 guest beds with 1/7 share of the inheritance.



The upper part of the original "Villa Aurora" gives way to four new floors with 41 comfortable guest beds. The historic ground floor with Art Nouveau stucco ceilings has been preserved to this day.


1973 /1976

The nearby Villa Martha is added as annexe to the hotel. Three years later, a hotel complex consisting of three villas is created as a result of the acquisition of Villa Rembrandt.



The couple's daughter, Elisabeth Mayer, a trained hotel manager, marries the hotel school graduate, Lothar Lindner.



The three adjacent villas Aurora, Rembrandt and Martha are structurally interconnected to create the "Hotel Aurora" complex. All 19 rooms in Villa Martha have their own bathrooms - a great luxury at the time.


1978 /1980 /1982

All good things come in threes: Elisabeth and Lothar Lindner become proud parents of three healthy children. Markus, Simone and Christian, who are also devoted to the hotel business are all hotel school graduates.



Grandparents Christa and Willy Mayer hand over full responsibility for the business to their daughter 
Elisabeth and their son-in-law Lothar Lindner.



In keeping with the emerging wellness trend, the hotel adds a spacious SPA to the complex. Two junior suites are added to expand the range of available rooms.



Purism versus Art Nouveau: The hotel adds a state-of-the-art conference room and the designer suite Ahr-Allee.


2001 /2005 /2009

And again "3" is a lucky number for the Lindner family: The grandchildren Fabian, Sophia and David keep the happy grandparents on their toes.



The fourth generation is ready to join the family business In the near future, Christian Lindner will become involved in the management of "Villa Aurora", with a great name - and a great family behind him!



Elisabeth Lindner dies at the age of 60 after a battle with cancer. This is a big loss for the whole Aurora family.



Christian Lindner and his partner Clarissa Laufer take on full responsibility for the hotel business, but are still actively supported by Lothar Lindner.



Wedding of Clarissa and Christian Lindner



Birth of Cornelius Lindner